Urban Escargot– it’s all in the name!

While food trucks have become increasingly trendy over the last few years, Nico has had a mobile commercial kitchen for so long that it makes us feel old thinking about it! Whether he’s a visionary or just some ordinary guy, Nico saw the enormous potential in food trucks early on as an opportunity to provide outstanding food at great locations otherwise limited only by their kitchen facilities.

For weddings, it is wonderful to see people embracing the relaxed style the food truck format affords, allowing guests to mingle and catch up with everyone, which is often a challenge when seated at a table for much of the festivities.  The sophisticated canapés provide a stylish lead-in before continuing with the relaxed, up-beat and convivial food truck format.

Catering from 40 to 500 people, exploring possibilities with the food truck is exciting….

Food Truck Wedding

Here is a sample menu of what can be done from the truck:


King prawns cocktail with saffron aioli
Polenta and parmesan cheese crumbed mushroom
Chicken thighs skewers marinated with ginger and fresh chili
Grilled Lamb cutlets with a rosemary and French mustard crust,
Smoked venison fillets thinly sliced, served with crostini and fig
Tequila cured salmon, dill crème fraiche

…then from the food truck

Smoked Beef Fillet Steak Ciabatta

Seared beef fillet with béarnaise sauce,
grilled zucchini, grilled tomatoes and artisan bread

Seaside Taco

Grilled snapper fillet served with pomegranate salsa
and baby spinach on soft taco

Vegetarian Risotto

Medley of grilled eggplant, zucchini and capsicum served
on a nest of thyme and confit lemon risotto



A tower of choux profiteroles, each filled with alternatively Belgian dark chocolate and salted caramel French custard and drizzled with a light, crunchy caramel.

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