Food Truck Corporate Catering Menu

For corporate functions, the food truck offers an excellent opportunity to have colleagues mingle and catch up in a relaxed style. Where large numbers are envisaged, the food truck is often a welcome alternative, offering more flexibility on location and at a competitive rate.

For those tasked with devising a team building opportunity, consider a kayaking excursion or a coastal /bush walk on Waiheke Island, followed by a food truck lunch over a game of pétanque at the beach or reserve. Urban Escargot in full steam, catered 2,500 servings/day during RWC2011 event see Six of the best Queen’s Wharf Food Truck!

Here is a sample menu of what can be done from the truck for a Corporate Catering Menu:

Finger food

Duck and pork French terrine with croutons and green tomato chutney
Parma Ham wrapped new-Zealand scallops with red capsicum coulis
Marinated chicken bites crumbed in spicy corn chips with chili sauce
Coriander, garlic, lemongrass and ginger mussel fritters
Goat cheese and spinach baby tartlets with basil pesto
Porcini arrancini

… then from the food truck

Slow cooked caramelised pork belly burger

Star anises pork belly and Asian coleslaw served with caramelised onions, Aioli and artisan bread

Hot Smoked Salmon Pita Pocket

Akaroa hot-smoked salmon, with tzatziki sauce, char-grilled fennel and rocket in toasted pita bread

Vegetarian Burrito

Black bean, smoked Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes and gruyere cheese burittos, with fresh chilli, guacamole and coriander


“For the sweet tooth”

An assortment of choux à la crème, crème brulée, Belgium chocolate
truffles and berries. All served as finger food, to be enjoyed in your own time.