Menu Choices

Nico will seek to understand what your event needs are and  is dedicated to making that happen every step of the way.

It could be a formal Sit-Down Menu with multi-choice mains to cater for special dietary requirement eg gluten-free, vegetarian…,

Corn Chips Crumbed Chicken Thigh, Harissa Aioli

Corn Chips Crumbed Chicken Thigh, Harissa Aioli

French Banquet menu, a very popular option that allows more flexibility,

Canapés Menu continuous elegant bits followed by beef fillet or ham on the bone…,

or for something more casual, such as the Food Truck Menu with its Silo Park favourite: Pork Belly Burger!

Contact Nico  and he will be happy to help with every steps of the catering planning for your event and ensure you choose the right menu to suit your needs.