Food Truck Catering

Food truck catering offers a casual, convivial approach to weddings and corporate events while being seriously stylish.

Are you planning a romantic beach wedding? Can’t get your head around how the domestic kitchen at the private residence reception can possibly be used to cater for all your guests? Perhaps you are in charge of your company’s next corporate event? But the venue, which is excellent in all other respects, doesn’t have catering facilities? In both scenarios, you might possibly be working within a budget?Bride with 2 friends, laughing and sharing food truck catered wedding food together. Bride in white, her female friend in black dress and male friend in salmon linen suit.

Food truck catering could be the answer!

Today, food trucks are seriously stylish and increasingly trendy. Nico Fini’s Urban Escargot food truck is no exception. Nico has more than 20 years experience in the catering industry. He expresses his savoir faire and French flair through his food truck at every event he caters for.

Nico has solid experience working with his food truck in the festival circuit and at other large events. (At the Rugby World Cup 2011, Urban Escargot catered for more than 2,500 servings daily at Queens Wharf.) Working with variable logistics, he has brought food to thousands of hungry customers. He also caters for smaller private events. In recent years, Nico has observed an increasing demand for a more casual, convivial approach to weddings. His food truck is the answer!

The advantages of food truck catering

One of the many advantages of food trucks for weddings and corporate events is that they can assist in keeping budgets down. They also offer something a bit less fussy, enabling people to mingle in a relaxed style. Where large numbers are envisaged, the food truck is often a welcome alternative. It offers more flexibility on location and at a competitive rate.

For those tasked with devising a team building opportunity, consider a kayaking excursion or a coastal/ bush walk on Waiheke Island. This can be followed by a food truck lunch over a game of pétanque at the beach or reserve. While a food truck may offer a more casual dining option, the menu certainly doesn’t need to be lacking in finesse.  Typical items on the Urban Escargot menu include Beef fillet Ciabatta with bearnaise sauce, pork belly burgers with pomegranate salsa, and even snails cooked in garlic butter!!!

Booking a food truck also gives you ultimate flexibility about where you hold your function or event. Catering from 40 to 500 people, the food truck enables you to explore new possibilities….

Showing the elegant black food truck with Eiffel tower painting : Food Truck Catering from Urban Escargot