Oysters for your wedding menu

The French love oysters. Throughout history, oysters have been rumoured to be aphrodisiacs! While Nico has no proof of that, he knows the act of sharing oysters he prepares with your beloved will indeed be a beautiful sensuous experience!!!

Pictured above is Te Matuku oysters with balsamic vinegar and fried leek julienne.

Wedding Menu idea, Star Anise and Ginger Mussel Fritters

Mussel fritters



Wedding Catering menu idea, Star Anise and Ginger Mussel Fritters

Croquembouche wedding cake, traditional French wedding cake

Croquembouche wedding cake is a traditional French wedding cake. It translates to “crunch in the mouth”. This says it all! You get the hard caramel crunch as a first hit, then, the softness of the choux and crème patissiêre comes to smooth it all! A real winner.

I put this one together last week-end at a very entertaining dinner party in Palm Beach, in Waiheke Island, for a 50th birthday bash.

I hope you enjoyed it David, Happy birthday again!Croquembouche wedding cake


Fantastic Wedding Venue In Waiheke Island

Fantastic Wedding Venue In Waiheke Island… http://www.tetokiretreat.co.nz Check it out!

Urban Escargot, Catering with French Flair by Palm Beach!!!

Waiheke Wedding Catering Idea

Waiheke Wedding Catering Idea, a suckling pig roast is a very spectacular dish to share on your special day!

Waiheke Wedding Catering | a suckling pig roast

This little guy (and his brothers) were served during Headland Sculpture On the Gulf 2013 on opening night. This was a fantastic night with 600 really hungry VIP guests!

A suckling pig has a long history of being prepared for special occasions and gatherings. There are recipes found in Roman , Chinese cuisine  as well as a long tradition in Spanish speaking countries. It is cochon de laitin in French, lechón in South America, maiale in Italy,  and spanferkel in Germany.

“When Don Quixote and Sancho Panza famously stumbled upon a wedding in the Castilian countryside, the first thing they saw was a dozen suckling pigs, sizzling over an oak wood fire. That scene in Don Quixote, written by Cervantes 400 years ago, describes a culinary tradition that had already dominated central Spain for centuries. ” Source 

Don’t you think a sucking roast pig has wonderful celebratory feeling?

The meat is pale and tender and the cooked skin is crisp.

It is called a suckling pig because it is still drinking its mother’s milk. It is not old enough to have developed strong robust muscles and because of this the meat is moist, tender, and delicate.
A young pig’s flesh is very rich in collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that we have when we are young.

In Japan women eat meals rich in collagen as a beauty treatment, as they consider it gives them supple skin!

“There is a lot of collagen in suppon meals. All our female customers that come to eat collagen say their skins are doing much better the next morning, when they put on make-up,” Sosuke Miyagawa, the owner of suppon restaurant Hanabishi, told Reuters.” source

So not only would a suckling pig be a spectacular dish for your wedding menu but perhaps everyone will feel and look more beautiful the next day!


Duck Confit

Duck ConfitMy all time favourite dish to cook….and to eat!

Duck confit!

Duck Confit before cookingSecret recipe!
Don’t ask or I will have to kill you!Duck Confit | bon appétit Bon appetit!

It’s Choux Time!

Croc en bouche

Mini croc en bouche with chocolate sauce and berry coulis…

3 fillings for the choux: Bailey’s, Chocolate and café Patissiére.

This was the dessert at Batch last week end, Urban Escargot catered for the “Waiheke Island Artist in Residence” Fundraiser. Fantastic venue, great company, Awesome wine, even the sun came out for a few minutes!

Here is a before shot:


Here is a middle shot!Choux galoreChoux Galore!!!

Choux Recipe (Easy as!):

100gr butter, 250 ml water, pinch of salt, pinch of sugar.

Bring to the boil, then add 1 cup of flour stirring energetically with a wooden spoon on low heat for 3 minutes.

Off the heat incorporate 4 eggs one by one still stirring with your wooden spoon.

Pipe on a tray, cook in the oven for 25 minutes at 180C.



waiheke island wedding catering new menu preview

Waiheke Island wedding catering | New wedding menu option | Venison

Venison fillet with caramelised shallots and potato rosti


Welcome to Urban Escargot new blog, bringing you a new option for your Waiheke Island wedding catering.

Thanks heaps to Michael (http://www.michaelstephen.co.nz/) for the photos.

This is one of the new dishes on my wedding menu to be published in the next few weeks for the wedding catering season in Waiheke Island. Venison fillet with potato Roesti and caramelised shallots. Urban Escargot, always catering with French Flair, but now in Waiheke!