Food Truck Catering

Are you planning a romantic beach wedding and have just realised there won’t be a kitchen to serve food to your guests? Perhaps you are in charge of your company’s next corporate event but the venue doesn’t have great catering facilities, or you have a tight budget?

Food truck catering could be the answer to all your problems.

Food trucks have become increasingly upmarket in recent years serving up a variety of food from different countries and ethnic groups and the Urban Escargot food truck is no exception – with a menu and cooking style derived from the French flair of owner Nico Fini.

Choosing food truck catering your next event increases your choice of venues as you are not limited to those with kitchen facilities. A food truck means if you want to get married on the beach and just stay there to party the night away you can, or it means if you want to hold a business event at your kitchen-less company headquarters you can.

A food truck offers a more relaxed vibe to any event, giving guests a chance to choose their own seating arrangement and mingle while they eat. Choosing a food truck to serve your meal can also save you time, compared to a lengthier sit-down meal, leaving you more time for dancing, games or whatever else takes your fancy.

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And is if that wasn’t enough, a food truck can also be easier on your budget than other types of catering making a great option for couples looking to reduce their wedding costs, or for small corporate events.

Easy to eat but hard to forget, food from the Urban Escargot food truck is locally sourced and expertly prepared in the self-contained kitchen.Showing the elegant black food truck with Eiffel tower painting : Food Truck Catering from Urban Escargot

A typical menu from the Urban Escargot food truck includes pulled pork belly burgers, lamb shanks, mussel fritters and of course snails, cooked in their shells with garlic butter. And don’t forget dessert – delightful creme brûlée or a berry smoothie.

The team at Urban Escargot are well equipped to cater for everything from boutique weddings to larger events with hundreds of guests. During the Rugby World Cup in 2011 our truck put out more than 2500 servings a day, so there is no need to worry about us coping under pressure! As well as the chefs, you also get professional waiting staff who will ensure your guests are treated well and kept stocked with food and drinks, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

If you are planning a beach wedding, a park wedding, an outdoor expo or any other event where flexibility is key consider food truck catering and give your guests something a little different with no compromise on taste.


Venison patties, fresh mango salsa, gourmet lettuce and artisan bread

Venison patties, fresh mango salsa, gourmet lettuce and artisan bread | Food Truck catering from Urban Escargot