Finger Food Catering Company

When you say finger food to people it probably conjures up a certain picture in their mind – possibly bland, boring food like mini sausages or cheese and olives on sticks. But it doesn’t have to be that way at your event as long as you choose the right finger food catering company.

Finger food isn’t just for children’s parties, and the menu doesn’t have to consist solely of sausage rolls and vol-au-vents that you might remember from old corporate events or buffets that you have been to.

In fact, finger food – or to choose a more elegant term canapés – can be a stylish choice for many different types of events.

Lamb Canapés on a white plate in waiter's hands | Elegant Finger Food Catering Company Urban Escargot

The benefits of choosing canapés for your event

The benefits or choosing canapés or finger food by a catering company for your wedding or corporate event include:

  •  Cost – a canapés menu is a cost effective choice for people on a budget, cutting down on serving staff and crockery costs while not compromising on taste.
  • Flexibility – canapés can often be served over a longer period of time, giving people the chance to eat when they feel like it rather than when a sit-down meal is served.
  • Relaxed feel – offering canapés which can be eaten on the move, gives guests more chance to mingle and move around than a more traditional sit-down affair.

Versatile canapés are even a good addition to your menu even if you are planning a bigger meal later on. For example, finger food can be served to wedding guests to keep hunger at bay while photographs are being taken, or to corporate guests during a presentation.

How to select a finger food menu

If you choose to have finger food at your next event, it is still important to put some consideration into your menu, and a professional finger food catering company can help you get the right combination of flavours and textures. Remember to have a good mix of fish and meat and think about vegetarian or gluten free options if you are catering for a variety of guests.

Escargot Canapés with toothpicks | Elegant Finger Food Catering Company Urban Escargot

Finger food can be difficult to pull off successfully – it must be small enough to be easy to eat in one or two bites, yet not to small as to be unsatisfying. And putting a range of flavours into small morsels is an art in itself. A professional finger food catering company like Urban Escargot gives you the chance to be adventurous with your menu, with the French flair of owner Nico and his team being packed into even the smallest bite of food.

Our menu includes scallops with crispy bacon, goat cheese and caramelized shallot tartlets, snails cooked in their shells with garlic butter and smoked venison served with crostini and fig, so there is no need to stick with boring chicken!

Locally sourced produce combined with Nico’s extensive experience at restaurants in France and New Zealand are the perfect ingredients to make your next event a winner.

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